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 Product Info

Dongsan Valve co., ltd. is a company pursuing innovation, which having business divisions “Supplying valve to the oil & gas industry” & manufacturing valve automation systems.
Dongsan’s products meet the international standard such as API 6D, API 608, ISO 17292 and ASME B16.34, and Dongsan produces and supplies large bore
valves with the size from NPS 1/2”(DN 15) up to NPS 60”(DN 1500) with pressure class ASME Class 150 ~ Class 2500 used for many other general industrial
fields as well as supply line for natural gas, LNG, crude oil and refinery.

force ball valves

FORCE Ball Valves

FORCE ball valves meet the strict design, manufacturing and inspection standards, and are used in all industrial fields based on ever-trusted technology and abundant know-how, and are supplied to leading customers across the world.

cryogenic service ball valves

Cryogenic Ball valves

FORCE makes a specialty of Cryogenic service ball valve to the extreme temperature of -196℃ in accordance with the strictest specifications. For the FORCE cryogenic service ball valve is supplied with enough length of extended bonnet. And main components such as seal, etc., are selected fully considering the customer’s requirements.

special valve

Special valves

Force metal seated ball valve is supplied with customer’s requirements for the special environments like low temperature; high temperature and oxygen line as well as 3Way/4Way ball valve, jacket valve, etc., being supplied too under Force Brand.

special valve

Service items

FORCE sales office supplies and serves control valve, gate, globe, check, butterfly valve in addition to ball valve and many other piping materials such as fittings, flange, pipe, etc., the most quickly in accordance with the specifications which customers want.


 Gimhae factory : 167-2, Gomoro 324 An-gil, Jinrye-Myun, Kimhae City, Kyungnam



 Yeosu office : 48-9, Hwasan 1-Gil, Yeosu City, Jeonnam



 Daesan office : 157-2, Myeongji 2-ro, Seosan City, Chungnam